Propane heater works great for outdoor get together

My dad’s birthday is in the middle of February, and we wanted to throw a huge party for his 50th birthday.

My brother and I worked on cleaning out the shed for three months, so we could hold the party in that large space.

My mom wanted the party to be a surprise, but my dad wanted to know why we were steadfast on cleaning the shed. My mom tried to hide the party, about my dad is like a bloodhound. When he found out that we were planning a surprise party for his 50th, he was really happy and shocked. He helped my with a guest list, which worked out well. We would have had a difficult time with the list, if we kept the party from my dad the whole time. My mom was worried about the party and the cold temperatures, but I borrowed three propane heaters from work. My boss was happy to loan the propane heaters, especially when he heard that my dad was turning 50. I set up one of the propane heaters at the entrance to the shed, and I placed the other two propane heaters on either side of the room. Since the shed has plenty of ventilation, we didn’t have to worry about any of the fumes or noxious gases. 75 people showed up to wish my dad a happy birthday, and my dad was still surprised. Everyone had a great time eating, drinking, and dancing. I think my mom and dad had a great time, and I know that the party was a huge success.

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