What happened when I contacted an online advertising business

It seems like all I have been doing lately, is losing my customer base to the my competition.

This is a new HVAC company that was only recently formed.

I couldn’t figure out how they were able to get so many customers so quickly, when I was losing mine. It wasn’t until I went online and looked at their website, that I had my answer. Their website was phenomenal and it had the best copy. I also noticed that they had ads popping up all over the internet. I wanted to get some digital action going for me, so I went online and did some research. I came up with a lot of choices when it came to online digital advertising. I found out that what I was missing was a fresh website and some SEO. The first time I talked to the digital advertising contractor, I was very impressed with him. He told me that he guaranteed me results on my websites. He told me he was going to assign a SEO specialist to work on my website. Once the SEO specialist looked at my website, he began to make changes. He told me my website needed to be refreshed. Then he started to add SEO into my website. He said that SEO was keywords that were worked right into the copy. The SEO attracted the search engine and pulled my website into the mix when it gave search results. Within a couple weeks, I was beginning to see a huge influx of customers. I realized how well the digital advertising was doing for my HVAC company.


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