Busted prom date turns out pretty good

Everybody looks forward to prom.

  • I thought about prom during my whole High School career.

When it came time for the prom, I was excited when a cute boy asked me to go. His name was Charlie, and I swear he was the cutest boy in our class. I was hoping Charlie would ask me to the prom, but I never thought it would really happen. Charlie matched his tux to my dress and even bought me a corsage in the same lavender and pink colors. He picked me up in his dad’s Mustang, and I felt like a princess on her way to the ball. Halfway to the event, the engine started sputtering. I could tell that Charlie was getting upset, but he was trying not to show it. We turned off the lights and the air conditioner, but nothing seemed to help. When the engine finally died, we were stuck on the side of the road. Charlie called his dad, but the tow truck didn’t arrive for an hour. We had to sit on the side of the road and wait for help to arrive. Luckily, the car air conditioner still worked well. Charlie and I sat in the cold A/C and talked for hours. We had a great conversation, despite the fact that we were both missing the prom. I knew that Charlie was already upset and I didn’t want to make things worse. I enjoyed our first date, even if we never made it to the dance floor. I will never forget that prom or that night in the car.
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