Hard work days call for cool relaxed nights

When I get home, the last thing I’m up for is dealing with a house that has terrible air quality.

In a perfect world, dinner should be ready and the young ones are well-behaved.

Any complications should be handled before sundown – that was my dad’s advice! My partner is excellent at making the place comfy, but that extra mile with the cooling system really makes this place homely. Since he enjoys saving money on the place being cooled throughout summer weather, that also calls for turning the cooling system down enough to avoid wasted money or energy. The children are consistently running in & out of the house anyway, and that causes the cool air made by the cooling system to be lost! Since my husband turns the cooling system to a cooler setting anyway, I know it will be nice & frigid when I get home from my long workday! After working all day in the sun and feeling the intense heat, it’s a very relaxing change of pace for me to walk indoors where the cool air makes me feel totally comfy once again. I take off my boots and feel the cold air on my socks, cooling me from the ground up! The cooling system cools me down, and in turn I can finally relax in my favorite lounger so I can enjoy my dinner along with my family. I can’t imagine trying to get through the rough summer weather without the air conditioning in this house!


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