I don’t guess zone control will be a good help

When the two of us moved our mother-in-law in with us I easily did not guess it would be a large deal. To beginning with, she wasn’t easily moving right into the condo with us. Instead, she was moving into the condo the two of us have in the basement. It has its own living room, bathroom, plus living room. It also has its own door. I figured she would be close enough for us to keep an eye on her however not so close that she would bother me all of the time. Boy was I wrong. She is always coming up stairs plus asking me to adjust the temperature control. Her condo shares Heating, Ventilation plus A/C vents with the rest of the house. This means that her condo is whatever temperature the two of us have our temperature control set to. My mother-in-law must come up 6 times a day to ask me to turn the a/c (or heater) up or to turn it down. One hour she is too hot, then she is too cold. My hubby has been looking into getting zone control for her apartment. Then she can set her own temperature control plus stay comfortable. I, on the other hand, do not guess that this will help. I guess the temperature is just an excuse to come plus bug us. Besides, zone control only works with the furnace or air that the two of us have set in the main house. That means, if I have the a/c on, our mother-in-law can’t use the furnace unless the two of us turn on the heater. I fear this will make her ask to turn on the a/c then the furnace plus back plus forth. I don’t guess a zone control will help at all.

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