Just left him the money

My hubby as well as I recently moved up north.

It has been quite a change for us because both of us are used to living down south.

It is so much cooler up here. The warm season time here is love the Wintertime down south. That may be a tad bit of an exaggeration, but it is so much cooler here! For the first few weeks, I was always cold, but it did not take entirely long for my body to get used to it. I unquestionably enjoy the weather now. We have not endured a Winter yet though, so I may change my mind once Winter hits us. My hubby had a various month holiday from work, so both of us took a trip out west for various weeks. It was such a blast. I was quite disappointed when I came home to an unquestionably cool beach house though. We have several a/cs in our house. They are all window units, but they keep the beach house cool enough for our comfort. I unquestionably wanted to turn the a/cs off before both of us left for holiday, although I totally forgot about it until both of us go home. We could have saved quite a bit of money on our electric bill if I would have remembered to turn the a/cs off. I was legitimately super disappointed in myself. My hubby did not mind at all. He was so glad to walk into a nice air conditioned beach house after a long drive homeā€¦ Even though both of us did not save money, I am ecstatic that at least someone appreciates it. My hubby legitimately thanked myself and others for leaving them on, so I did not even mention to him that I planned to turn them off to save some money.


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