New A/C unit is desperately needed here!

There’s a strong need of a current-era cooling system here.

For one, I moved into this elegant southern home with high expectations for comfort.

Our central cooling system worked like a charm back then, and I had nothing to complain about when it came to the central A/C system. Now, things have changed – and the central cooling system has continued to get older and subsequently, less efficient. I understand that all Heating & A/C units will eventually stop working at some point in time, but come on! I was a bit worried when the one we have began to run like crap. Since we’re going to change out the A/C unit anyway, I want to change from central air conditioning to something a bit different – something more modern and efficient if possible. The complication with central air conditioning is that it cools your entire house, while central air conditioning also happens to rely on ductwork. I’m looking to install a new type of Heating & A/C unit, known as a ductless mini-split cooling system. This specialized air conditioning system is installed in every room of the house, with special air conditioning provided to each room. Having a unit in each room means that you are able to adjust the temperatures in different rooms, all to meet your needs and be as comfortable as possible! The ductless mini-split cooling system also has a heating function, so it can be used in the winter as well. I just can’t wait to get this system updated and brought to today’s standards!
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