Replacing a line on the a/c

I do not know that my hubby as well as I are meant to have air conditioning system in our vehicle. It has never worked out for us to have air conditioning system. The first car that both of us owned did not have air conditioning system, so both of us tried to service it, but both of us were not able to. There was a pretty significant leak in an air conditioning system line, as well as the patch that both of us put on there did not hold, but we drove it an entire warm season separate from air conditioning system which was completely miserable. It was seriously hot, as well as the seats in the car were made of black leather. We had to buy cloth seat covers because sitting on those seats when it was so sizzling in the car was unbearable. We finally got an air conditioning system line put in before our second warm season with the car. Unfortunately, the transmission went in the car just a month after both of us replaced the A/C line. We ended up getting a newer vehicle, as well as it had air conditioning system. It worked enjoyable for about various weeks. We stopped at a gas station 1 afternoon as well as when both of us opted to go to leave, both of us turned the car back on, as well as the air conditioning system vents started spitting out pieces of ice. It was not long after that day that the a/c stopped blowing cold, as well as both of us found out that both of us had another leak in 1 of our A/C lines. I suppose both of us just unquestionably are not made to have a car with air conditioning system. It is so expensive to replace an A/C line, so my hubby is going to try as well as do it himself.



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