Spa day with heating

A buddy of mine plus I all decided to do facials. Both of us put on these homemade face masks plus had the seals over our eyes. When my husband needed to come talk to myself and others about something, he was heading up the stairs when my buddy and I decided to go downstairs. When he saw us, he got absolutely freaked out plus fell down the stairs. I know it was our facemasks that kind of freaked him because he didn’t realize it was us plus we did kind of look like monsters. After that he calmed down and I made a mask for him. The three of us had a nice little spa day. Rather than run the /ac on the highest setting, we used heating. I did not want to sweat, but I wanted to feel like I was almost in a steam room. The hot air and moisture thanks the humidifier was really nice. We all had an enjoyable time doing it. The HVAC equipment was so necessary for feeling fresh, happy and secure in the home. I was glad that my husband did a HVAC tune up on the device himself before I had my buddy over. No cream, facial stuff and heating would have made the event lackluster. But, we were able to have an enjoyable time just being the three of us and our fake spa day. Hopefully my husband will want to do this again, even if it is just the two of us.
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