Temperatures indoors should be constantly monitored!

It’s imperative to me that everything in the condo is always in a state of total perfection.

Living without that aspect of my home life would be miserable! It extends to everything in the place, from the decor to the furniture; our boys to my husband, and even the temperature & climate control systems for the condo itself! All of this should be perfect all day, everyday.

I do that by purchasing the best Heating & A/C equipment that money can buy, and maintaining it! When I purchased a brand-new furnace, I knew that I wanted something perfect and reliable. I had nothing against purchasing a used furnace, but I understood that furnaces tended to cause drafty areas in a condo and make existing ones more noticeable. Rather than trying to rely on a furnace again, I then decided to purchase radiant heated flooring instead! With radiant heated flooring, I can heat our condo to a nice temperature and maintain it with ease. The best part is, the temperatures are dispersed evenly! I also find it elegant to have our heating system made to keep the floors completely toasty under our feet, so I can relax with the heat coming from the radiant heated floors. Truth be told, I didn’t want to go with central air conditioning, for that matter. Rather than central A/C, I felt that ductless mini-split systems for every room was the best choice! In my humble opinion, each room should have its own individually perfect temperature! That could be done with these cooling systems. With each of these Heating & A/C units also including space heaters, I could manage the heat better too!
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