The critters in our attic

I was startled awake the other night by a flapping sound inside of our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C vent.

  • It took me a few hours to realize what I was hearing.

At first I thought that maybe a cloth or something got into the vent somehow plus was flapping about. After a bit, I realized that the sound was some sort of critter. I thought it might be a parakeet however then it started squeaking plus I realized there was a bat in our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C vent. Needless to say, I got no more sleep that night. With time, the fluttering sound calmed down however I would still hear it from time to time. I called up critter control however they said I would have to call a pest service. The pest repair came out that day plus they set up traps to get the bats out of our attic. Apparently our attic was infested with bats. The next day they had to go plus physically take apart our ventilation ducts plus remove a few of the bats, that means I had another night of little sleep. When the bats were finally all gone I then had to hire plus Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier to maintenance the vents that the bats broke, plus the 1s that the pest supplier broke, plus do a great air duct cleaning. I was appalled that I had been breathing bat waste for weeks or even months. My attic had to be cleaned too. But at least, now, everything is cleaned plus the bats have been rehomed. My attic is also now sealed off so this should never happen again.


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