Using a window ac not as it is intended

I dislike hosting a yard sale.

The two of us just stand outside for many hours plus end up making about 20 dollars.

I would rather just donate our unwanted junk to a hour-hand store plus be done with it. Still, our fiance insist on having a yard sale at least twice a year. This last time, it was on the hottest day of the year. By the time I was done hauling all of our junk out onto the sod, I felt I was done for the day. Somehow, I got talked into staying outside with our fiance while people opportunity through our outdated junk. However, I was not going to roast to death so I clogged in our outdated window a/c into an extension cord then I sat our chair right in front of it. It wasn’t half awful resting there, staying cool. The two of us could have made at least $100 if I had been willing to space with the window a/c. Several people made offers to buy it. I guess they could guess how well it works plus see how comfortable I was. My fiance wanted to sell it however I wouldn’t hear of it. This window a/c might be nearly 40 years outdated however it works better than anything they make this week. The two of us have central however the two of us have used the window unit before when the central unit went down. Besides, there will be further yard sales plus barbeques plus the like plus I want to hold onto the window a/c for such events. It is easily nifty.

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