Windstorm ruining the HVAC

A lot of people look forward to Labor Day weekend, then it’s a single of those sweet, 3-day weekends that you get sprinkled throughout the year. I genuinely was looking forward to this year’s Labor Day, however and then a hurricane came along as well as decided that nobody was allowed to have fun where I live; When both of us were all leaving the office Tuesday evening, the storm was already well on its way; The first bands were darkening the sky, rain was falling lightly, as well as the wind was picking up, but landfall would happen Wednesday day as well as the worst of the storm would pass over us between Wednesday night as well as Tuesday. I genuinely wish the storm had hit before or after Labor Day weekend! Instead of enjoying the time off, our family needed to prepare, as well as lo as well as behold, both of us lost power rather early in the game! A transformer blew near our lake beach house shortly after nightfall on Wednesday, then because both of us live in the tropics, separate from a/c it was going to be pretty hard to get through the next few days! That was absolutely our primary concern. We had water as well as food supplies. It was just so darn, hot! In our area both of us had sustained winds of 50 miles an hour for a time, with gusts periodically reaching 68 miles an hour, but unfortunately, the winds did not cool us off! Though it was sooner than both of us thought, our power was restored to us Sunday evening, once Labor day was pretty much over! The most celebration both of us had during this coveted holiday was rejoicing that the cooling system was on again!

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