Big Life Transition Made Easier by Good HVAC Technology

The local HVAC crew had the answer

Two of my kids are at the end of highschool and I have one in college. My wife and I drive cars that are both a decade old. The house needs an HVAC and a kitchen upgrade. And we were still having a hard time saving any money. It’s just tough out there, especially if you have children transitioning to college. Fortunately, my children are great students and even better humans. They have all worked hard to put themselves in a good position to receive scholarships. Yet, that doesn’t begin to actually cover the cost of putting 3 children through university. Then, I got summarily dismissed from the job I had working with the same company for over 25 years. This was stunning, to say the least. It was corporate downsizing or some such nonsense. So, I took the severance package, the skills I honed for a quarter of a century and set out on my own. Initially, it was a very tough transition because the main source of income was gone. My wife went from part time to full time. The kids did all they could to help. We got through it. I have an office in our house. It’s an unused guest room converted to my office. The room was really hot due to direct sun. It became so uncomfortable that I had to find another way to cool that one room down. The local HVAC crew had the answer. An HVAC tech was able to augment our current system so it could deliver heating and cooling to 6 separate zones. Now, I am able to keep my office nice and cool without having to cool the rest of my home too much.

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