Hidden Heat Issues Under The Porch:

Last week, my hubby started ripping apart the front porch in order to rebuild it.

Little did he know that it would lead to some major troubles for our oil furnace.

My husband was looking at how the previous homeowner had sistered some of the joists. As he was ripping the board apart, he realized that they were pinned to the foundation. All of us knew we never had the best heating in our kitchen and we were just discovering why. Even though we’d installed wall based radiators, they’d been vented into the outside wall. I almost chuckled, but my hubby didn’t think it was funny. The foundation was crumbling and there were huge ants scurrying about. We’d been using a boiler system for our heat source. There were water pipes that led from our boiler to the radiators in our house to provide us with heat. When they added the kitchen onto the back, they completed all the pipe work that should’ve gone to the boiler. It somehow ended up just resting on the ground. Now we knew why we weren’t getting any heat coming from our radiators. Our porch ended up being a major reconstruction, due to the crumbling foundation under our kitchen and they’d never put a base floor beneath the kitchen. My husband and I had to rerun pipes which had ants nests surrounding them and redo our now rotting kitchen floor. We also had to invest in pipes to run into the system so we could get boiling water for heat. I wish he’d never dug up the porch.


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