I Had To Clean My AC Units:

I have two window air conditioner units in my house.

I don’t have a warm season where I live that requires constant air conditioning flow.

The only time that I need A/C is when I sleep or it’s harshly humid. Even with the dehumidifier I have, I have a strenuous time keeping the humidity low. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to clean the A/C units. I have a single unit in my main living area plus a single unit in my room. I took the one from my bedroom plus headed outside with it. I began to curse when I took the back off my A/C unit. What I saw before me made me sick to my stomach. My entire Ac equipment was covered with mold. There were bits of leaves plus dust covering it too. I put on my rubber gloves plus began to submerse the casing into a solution of clorox plus water. I was scrubbing the mold plus dirt off the entire A/C casing as best I could. Every couple of minutes I’d have to dump the water plus get fresh water. In the meantime, I was carefully wiping down several of the fan blades to get all of the mold plus dirt off them. Once I had all of the components cleaned plus sanitized, I began to put things back together. I had the entire A/C equipment together again, but it wouldn’t run. I came into my house plus picked up what looked like a piece of cardboard, which lead me to start taking the screws back out.


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