My furnace stopped working, and my landlord refuses to fix it

I didn’t know that when I rented my apartment, I definitely wasn’t thinking about how important it was to read the lease for my apartment.

In fact, I don’t even have a copy of the lease and what it said.

However, I am fairly certain that my landlord told me to call him if my furnace or air conditioner ever stopped working. The furnace in my apartment was fairly new, and the landlord assured me that I probably wouldn’t have any problems with the furnace. However, after my first year of living in the apartment, I noticed that the furnace was making some strange noises while it was running. I told my landlord about the furnace problem, and he told me that he would ask an HVAC technician to look into it. After a few weeks of nothing, the furnace began to make louder noises. All of a sudden, the furnace stopped working completely. I called my landlord and told him that my furnace wasn’t working. My landlord sounded angry, but he told me that he would take care of it. A few days passed, so I decided to call him again. That was when he told me that I would be responsible for fixing the furnace myself. Even though he told me that he would fix all of the HVAC units, I had apparently missed the absence of that promise in my contract. He had done some reading, and he discovered that I was responsible for fixing the furnace. I think he left that part out on purpose. I decided to move out of his apartment immediately. I hope he likes frozen pipes.


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