What happens when the air conditioner is filled with mold?

He had the entire AC unit together and it wouldn’t run

We have window air conditioning units in our home. We don’t have a summer that requires constant air conditioning. The only time we really use the AC is at night or when it is extremely humid. Even with our dehumidifier, we have a hard time keeping the humidity out of the house. A couple weeks ago, my husband decided it was time to clean the AC units. We have one in the main living area and one in our bedroom. He took the one from the bedroom and headed outside with it. I heard some cursing as he took the back off the AC unit. I walked over to the door to look out and make sure he was all right. He turned around and told me to join him in the fun. What I saw made me sick to my stomach. The entire Ac unit was filled with mold. There were bits of leaves in the mess and a lot of dust. He put on rubber gloves and began to submerse the casing in a solution of clorox and water. He was scrubbing the mold and dirt off the entire AC casing. Every couple minutes he would dump the water and get fresh. In the meantime, I was carefully wiping down the fan blades to get all of the mold and dirt off them. Once we had all of the components cleaned and sanitized, he began to put it back together. He had the entire AC unit together and it wouldn’t run. I came into the house and picked up what looked like a piece of cardboard and asked him if it was important. All I heard was, ‘Oh Man!’ as he started taking the screws back out.

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