Air Temperature Control that wakes you up

Air Temperature Control that wakes you up

Nick October 14, 2019

I don’t recognize if anyone else out there has had this same weird issue, however our control component when it turns on quiet constantly makes this unquestionably loud click noise that typically makes you jump out of your skin! I don’t recognize if it is the expected way this recognizable control component is, or, if there actually is something starting to go wrong with our control unit, however the extremely loud click it makes can unquestionably jolt you! I remember a single dramatic time I was unquestionably sleepy plus taking a nap on our couch.

  • The Central control component turned on plus it woke me up! I swear to you, I nearly had a heart attack it was so loud! I decided to go out and look on some websites on the internet to see if I could find more useful information on control units that make a loud click sound when they turn on each time.

I could not find anything talking about it, so I thought for a while maybe it was time that I made that cellphone call to our highly respected local heating plus a/c corporation. I did just that. When I called the awesome local heating plus a/c corporation, the person I talked to told me that, in fact, a lot of control units make a click noise when they turn on, plus if the loud click was unquestionably disturbing, there was something they could do to make the unfortunate click lighter sounding.Sure hope they can repair it plus stop this loud noise.