At least I got a break on rent

At least I got a break on rent

Nick October 14, 2019

I did not recognize about this…but the SEER rating of any central heating plus a/c plan is what tells you if your current central heating plus cooling plan will be using a lot of energy or not.

I apparently learned this too late, unfortunately after a few years of dealing with pretty ridiculously high electric bills.

I am renting a small home, so naturally, I figured the central heating plus a/c plan was rather good, plus that the landlord had all under control. Boy oh boy was I ever wrong! When i found out about this lousy SEER rating of the entire central heating plus air conditioner, I entirely called up our landlord in a huff. My landlord was not aware of SEER ratings and their meanings either. This was a modern concept to the both of us! So, our ignorant landlord entirely began shopping for a brand new, current, highly rated plus unquestionably upscale central heating plus a/c plan with a SEER rating! My landlord said that the second when he found a single that had a great SEER rating, that he promised he would have the HVAC replacement rushed! That way, I finally could stop having to spend money these unquestionably super high electric bills that I regularly have been stuck paying. My landlord entirely felt so bad about this fact, that he also gave me a free week’s rent to make up for the cost of the bad SEER rating a/c plus furnace.

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