Issues with new HVAC company in town

In all of the time that I have lived in the town that I was born and raised in I have never seen anything worse than something that is turning into a normal occurrence around here. For the past few years the area that I am in has seen unprecedented growth, and with that growth there has been a large amount of new companies that have stormed into town. I have no problem with new companies coming into our city, despite the fact that I do have a problem when the companies are running scams and acting in an unethical manner all in the hopes of landing new customers. I have been having long talks with some of my friends on the weekends and they have filled me in on the problem with a new HVAC company that is in town. Apparently this company has been using fake reviews to boost their online clout which is in turn taking away from the possible business options of honest HVAC companies that have been here for years. I knew that we had to do something when the HVAC company that I had been relying on for all of our needs had to close down after nearly sixty years of work due to a lack of business. To put it plainly, enough is enough! We are so mad about this growing problem that we have decided to bring this problem to the town hall meeting this upcoming weekend. We really need HVAC companies that are respectable in this area and if this problem isn’t addressed it will only get worse.
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