No more mister nice guy

Over the course of my life I have regularly been told that I am always so kind, I think hear it at least once or twice per day while I am at work or out in public.

In all honesty I have no clue why I am the way I am, but being naturally passive and overly nice was something that worked in my favor when I was a kid, but now that I am living on my own and paying my own bills I am starting to see that people are taking advantage of it.

My parents told me this would happen sooner or later and I hate to admit it but they were right. Just the other day while I was having my heating and cooling component fixed I started to get a hunch that the repairman who was now working on it was trying to squeeze every penny he could out of me! Despite the fact that he worked really slow and taking nearly a dozen “rest” breaks while repairing the unit he still charged me the full price which I felt was not right. I was too nervous to call him out on it in fear of him seeing me as being rude however, so I ended up paying the hefty bill and made sure to make a note to never contact that HVAC company again. I hope that that company enjoys all of the money they just made off of me, because I am officially putting the overly nice person behind me and will be sitting up for myself from this point moving forward.



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