the most inconvenience face

Something as easy as increasing the air filter of your 11 heating plus cooling plan should not be a major job, and for me, white sadly, it is! The reason for this, is that the place where the air filter is stupidly situated is the most odd of places. They have it in this home positioned right over the washer plus dryer! Every time I need to change the all sturdy air filter for our central heating plus air conditioner, I have to get a step ladder and literally climb up on the washer, rest on it, plus then fiddle for moments with the latch in the ceiling to change this air filter for the family! There has been times that I went a long time without switching the air filter because of how much of a hassle it is! It wasn’t until our regular flu symptoms started acting up that I would go through the exhausting motions plus change the air filter. I recognize I could have easily possibly broken our central heating plus a/c plan because of this negligence, however what other choice did I have? it shouldn’t be so difficult to change the stupid air filter in our central heating plus air conditioner! Whoever sincerely built this home must have been on drugs, or just simply did not ever try to recognize what they were doing. This location was the worst method anyone could have come up with! I can’t wait to move.



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