A low-pollution option should have been mandated by now for cars and HVAC systems!

I don’t mean to be thinking as though I’m some kind of doomsday obsessor.

But, I do think we’re headed somewhere bad, and fast.

If we don’t learn to focus more on natural energy and not polluting the environment, we could lose our lovely little planet! Every single year, more gas-guzzling cars are on the road, dumping pollution into the air. While some people are buying hybrids that use less gas, they still burn fuel which causes the pollution to still come out! All those cars on the roads make up for a ton of the pollution going into our skies. And yet, where’s the change? If we could just start focusing on electric cars, hydrogen cars, and hybrid cars that put out less pollution, we might be somewhere decent in time. Plus, if we can focus on Heating and A/C systems that don’t pollute the environment as well, that could really make a difference in time! There are many types of nice heating and cooling systems to use out there, but geothermal heating and A/C systems are the best options as far as energy and eco-friendly options are concerned. A simple boiler system also works pretty well, and is better on the environment compared to many traditional style Heating and A/C systems. All of this being said, it’s high time that most of us learn to use the energy-efficient, eco-friendly options we have. Not just for cars, but for our heating and air conditioning systems as well!


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