Being the company head’s right-hand man is the best – especially in the HVAC industry!

I actually know that the love of money is the root of evil.

Seriously, it is! If people care only for getting a ton of money and as much of it as possible, they tend to do the worst things ever just to get it! I was never going to be corrupted by money, that was for sure.

My goal was to have a stable job and home life, but I wasn’t going to be greedy about it. Making money hand over fist was not one of the crucial things in my life! I worked hard in college just to attend a trade college and get my Heating and A/C certification, which I did since I enjoyed working on these HVAC systems. I felt it would be good to help people out too, as this sort of thing can make for a comfortable living. I also eventually wanted to start up my own business for HVAC services! Making a sizable amount of money wasn’t a huge concern for me, but helping people out even more in my life sounded the most rewarding spiritually. Having made a lot of good friends at the Heating and A/C company, I developed a pretty solid reputation – especially with the boss of the company himself! That was the best thing that happened for me, as I had the respect of the company president. We became friends in time, and he really appreciated hearing my point of view on many topics and turned to me as a consultant. I was even able to talk him into starting a program, specifically where we did services for a discount rate. If folks couldn’t afford the costs of getting HVAC services elsewhere they could through us!

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