Both of us decided to homeschool our daughter to get a break

Both of us decided to homeschool our daughter to get a break

Nick November 13, 2019

With my spouse and I choosing to homeschool our kid, there was plenty of good reasons for why all of us made the choice to go this route! The increasing incidence with public mass shootings are a huge area of concern for us.

We know it doesn’t happen everywhere every day, but we don’t ever want to have to deal with a horrifying phone call like that.

Other than that, we don’t want to deal with bullying either. Finally, the air conditioning and heating system at every public school just stinks now! We’re Christians by nature, and we’ve tried to keep Bible teachings in the curriculum for our child. Despite speaking with the principal about the Heating and A/C systems never being in good condition, there’s no good that ever comes from trying to make kids suffer through bad air quality! I don’t know what is going on with their budget anyway, but hey – at least at our home, keeping up with our Heating and A/C maintenance is no issue at all. With ideal temperature control settings constantly in play for us, we know that everyone at home is perfectly comfortable. Everything has been going well as far as working with our child to homeschool them, but I can say that getting our child enough social interaction with other students was a problem at first. Since starting the homeschooling process, we’ve signed our child up for martial arts plus dance classes. That should fix the lack of social interaction quickly!

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