My uncle guided me to become the best at fixing heating and air conditioning systems

My uncle was always serious about taking care of his family, as well as his nieces and nephews.

He was always making sure that everybody had everything they needed to be happy.

Being the all-star partner, awesome father and uncle that he was, there was also the fact that he was this super-talented Heating and A/C specialist! He knew just about everything when it came to repairing any heating and cooling systems. He actually taught me a lot about doing this style of work! I never particularly thought I was all too good at it in the beginning, but in time I found that practice was what guided me towards success. It wasn’t just now working on Heating and A/C systems – we had such an awesome and loving relationship with each other! He would always take me to go camping, fishing, and even less “manly” things like ice-skating were a regular thing for us. plus it was always such a good time. After all the good memories all of us shared, it was particularly hard for me when he passed away. Once he passed on though, I realized I should try going towards my Heating and A/C certification! I already knew a lot already thanks to my dear uncle, so I thought my good uncle would be so proud of me if he knew that I went down that road. I signed up for the classes, and in no time at all I earned my Heating and A/C certification!

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