Never cared much for going to the doctor or the dentist, but I do enjoy a visit from the HVAC tech!

I’ve been so scared of the doctor and dentist for far too long.

It’s a little embarrassing! Still, I didn’t want to hear that there was something wrong with my health or my teeth! Getting shots in my side or my gums was my worst fear, and I absolutely didn’t want to have my teeth drilled into.

It was practically unavoidable! The medical offices in question were just as bad since they always had the Heating and A/C system cranked way too low! While these people seemed to have no consideration of the people when it came to their temperature control settings, I’d walk into any one of these locales only to find it would be absolutely freezing cold inside. I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard that it was to prevent the spread of germs, but look – I’m sick of that story! I thought all that was a bunch of nonsense anyway. All it really did in a dentist’s office was make it where I didn’t want to go to these places even more than before! I believe they can adjust the temperature control settings, but they want it to be where they know folks are left with no options other than seeing them. When I run an establishment, I’d like to at least try to make the temperature control settings reasonable for all the people that are in my office!


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