When you have nowhere to go but up, you are guaranteed to succeed!

Look here: Having life as nice as you have it is a gift.

Once you hit rock bottom, this becomes much more apparent! I dropped out of high school at eighteen, which naturally left my parents pretty disappointed.

They ultimately booted me out of their home, and I was forced to get a job as well as a place of my own. I ended up sleeping in my car for over a month, as I had no place to go! Being homeless was awful. It was hard not being able to enjoy the heating and cooling system at my folks’ place, as I was stuck in the car practically freezing solid each night. This was all because I couldn’t use the little bit of gas I had to run the furnace! Thankfully, my parents decided I suffered enough and took me back in. I was able to get a stable job, and in a matter of months, I had enough to get into this trade school and work on my Heating and A/C certification! I finally was working as an Heating and A/C professional. I was making a good deal of money – way more than I expected, actually! It didn’t take too long after that when I was able to actually afford a place on my own, and managed to make enough to pay my parents what I owed in rent. It was definitely the “aha” moment I needed! Without it, I never would’ve become a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist.

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