AC is replaced without a huge headache

During an incredibly large summertime storm not so long ago, my partner plus I had a tree fall on the garage in the middle of the night.

When the tree fell on the garage, it smashed directly down into the HVAC unit where it crushed the outdoor component completely.

All of us did not have any operational heat or AC for 5 weeks. My partner plus I filed a prompt claim with the insurance business, however they took a long time afterwards to complete our request. In the meantime, all of us had to pay for all of the necessary repairs to the AC. My partner plus I spent nearly $5300 to replace all of the injured parts. All of us did not know if the local insurance business would cover the huge cost of the parts. When all of us finally received a paper check from the insurance business, all of us were ecstatic to see that they, in fact, paid for all of the expenses due to the fallen tree. They covered all parts of our deck that were cracked from the heavyweight of the tree trunk and they paid to replace our AC unit. My partner plus I were beyond anxious about all of the injures plus repairs. All of us did not originally know how various things would be covered plus all of us were happily surprised to see such an unquestionably large paper check in the mail. The insurance business ultimately covered all of the charges that all of us paid out already. Good thing, with all the trees here, it’s only a matter of time before each a single topples to the ground.



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