Cracked and Sagging Ductwork Needs Attention

Cracked and Sagging Ductwork Needs Attention

Nick January 11, 2020

The people I was with and I chose to live in a part that can be hit with a lot of tornadoes.

Many of these tornadoes can be particularly damaging.

Luckily, all of us have never had our residence completely destroyed or anything care about that. Most of the tornadoes aren’t direct hits so all of us have so far avoided being demolished. However, there has still been plenty of pain done to our property. Trees come down, the fence gets blown over, in addition to there is almost always some roof situation to deal with. The force of wind has impacted our dwelling over the years. Basically, all of us have been able to mitigate the disfigure to an immense degree. After the last sizable tornado, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. After this one storm, I was noticing bugs falling from the Heating & A/C vents in the ceiling. This was alarming since we are a super clean family in addition to have never had any kind of bug crisis. I could not figure out what was going on. My first call was to the bug control guy. He came out to do the necessary spraying to kill the winged creatures. However, he suggested that I also schedule the Heating & A/C people to come out. It appears that 2 Heating & A/C duct joints started bending and cracking after some support wires were shaken loose while in the last tornado. This led to little cracks forming where the bugs entered. The exterminator sealed part of the house where the bugs were able to gain access to the house. I had no idea any of this could happen. The next call was to the Heating & A/C dealer. They set up an appointment with an air duct cleaning crew. This crew thoroughly cleaned the entire duct system. They also sealed up all the duct joints throughout the house.


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