Heating & A/C Preventive Maintenance Seems to Make Sense

Maybe it is worth allocating some additional funds toward HVAC inspection and HVAC maintenance

There is nothing that annoys me more than some retail person attempting to upsell me when I am conducting business. It just gets so irritating in addition to annoying to have someone trying to sell me something. This was going through my mind as I was having a brief iphone conversation with the Heating & A/C operator. The Heating & A/C office lady was confirming an upcoming service repair call. While she was arranging the appointment, she tried to sell me the Heating & A/C service plan. The plan includes the Heating & A/C tech comes out around March in addition to again around September to perform preventive service on our Heating & A/C. Other benefits include not being charged for a repair call if the Heating & A/C tech has to come out for a repair. It is all pretty logical stuff, I just assume the yearly fee is a bit costly. It’s true, I don’t care about spending the money I currently do on our Heating & A/C. I have to just say that I have not been diligent about getting the Heating & A/C system proper service. I rarely even average a once a year preventive service visit. However, I may need to rethink my HVAC maintenance plan, or lack thereof. The Heating & A/C is such an important appliance for sure. The entire family depends on it annually. Maybe it is worth allocating some additional funds toward HVAC inspection and HVAC maintenance. I have studied independent reports that proper Heating & A/C service helps any Heating & A/C system last longer. I’m going to ruminate about it a bit longer, but, I assume I’ll call the Heating & A/C lady back tomorrow.

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