Heating & Air Conditioning Tech is Awesome at Heating & Cooling & Being a Friend

I haven’t ever absolutely been all that much into labeling or judging people.

It just seems a waste of time & not something that absolutely helps.

Really, for me, it’s just all about respect. If the people I was with and I can respect each other & display that respect, then there is room for all of us. Inherently, no set of humans are better than any other set of humans. However, there are times where I am so impressed by how deeply human some of us can be. Believe it or not, a single of those people is the guy who services our Heating & Air Conditioning system. First, I remember noticing just what a passion he had for his Heating & Air Conditioning craft. Seeing someone doing something they love with such passion, professionalism & excitement is awesome. The person was just so knowledgeable about everything related to heating & cooling. In fact, the minute time he came out to perform the Heating & Air Conditioning seasonal repair, he invited myself and others to watch him. It was fascinating to learn exactly how my Heating & Air Conditioning method does what it does. Not only that but, he had such a fantastic time showing myself and others all about what he does & how he does it. From that opportunity meeting, the people I was with and I became fantastic friends over the years. All of us discovered that our children went to the same school. This led to all of us getting together. Since then, he & I have enjoyed getting to suppose a single another & have even done some charity work together. All of us both share the same sense of responsibility for all of our siblings & siblings. I feel if I was into classifying or whatever, I would have missed meeting a single of my very dear friends.
a/c serviceman