Hot Spots Happening with Your HVAC?

Do you have hot spots happening in your house? Hot spots are little areas of your house or office that just don’t seem to get as cool as the rest of the place.

They are like little pockets where your a/c just doesn’t seem to reach for some reason.

If you are having these kinds of issues with your HVAC system, it might be a good idea to call in an HVAC specialist to see if he has any recommendations. You are likely paying higher heating and cooling costs if you have these hot spots. Here’s why: you have this one corner of a room that you can tell is not getting as much a/c as the rest of the room, and the thermostat reads 2 degrees higher over there. Well, the air doesn’t just stay there. Air moves around, so the hot pocket air moves to other areas, so the a/c detects that it is too hot, and the a/c switches on. This will happen repeatedly, but still, that area will always be hotter than the rest. This is a circular event that drains your a/c equipment and your wallet. If it is winter, this same phenomenon still occurs, only the spots are not hot spots, they are cold spots. They are little areas where your heating system, for some reason or another, just doesn’t work that well. If you have these hot spots and cold spots, you really should consider bringing in an HVAC pro to help you figure out what changes can be made to your heating and cooling system. You will be amazed at what a difference it can make!

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