HVAC Technology Accommodates Unusual Living Situation

HVAC Technology Accommodates Unusual Living Situation

Nick January 11, 2020

Recently, three of my friends in addition to I just pooled our resources to buy a home.

This was the result of the current economic situation all of us are experiencing.

Home ownership is getting too costly to get into alone. Plus, there is just the simple fact that a down payment is hard to save up for. I don’t have rich relatives so, I needed to find another way to experience my very own Heating & A/C treated, comfortable, and wonderfully spacious home. So that’s why my friends in addition to I just purchased a big, old house. The price was very reasonable when considering the location in addition to the sheer size of the site. However, it is a pretty old, if not super large, edifice that required some significant renovating. Renovation was part of the plan anyway since we need 3 separate living areas. How to heat in addition to cool this sizable area was our first thing to come to terms with. The people I was with and I knew that the central heating in addition to cooling system that was already there needed to be changed out. Not only was the old system antiquated, the operating costs would be prohibitive. So, all of us sat down to meet with a Heating & A/C corporation. Once all of us explained our purposes for the house, he was able to give an innovative Heating & A/C suggestion. He came up with the idea of installing ductless Heating & A/C. The existing ductwork was simply not usable so going ductless would spare us the expense of replacing that. Additionally, all of us would each be able to have our own thermostat, allowing the division of the heating and cooling costs more readily. The people I was with and I love our new ductless Heating & A/C.


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