Idiot kids will be felons forever

Three weeks in a row, family owned stores in the east side shopping mall were vandalized.

It all originally started with a barber shop. Multiple people can be seen on camera quickly entering the barbershop. A lot of things were ruined in the process of the break in. They broke 3 barber shop chairs plus all of the massive mirrors inside the business. The culprits stole a laptop plus a few hand held scanners. About five nights later, another shop in the same mall was vandalized similarly. After the third break-in, all of us decided to set up a police sting in the area for surveillance. All of us left someone resting in the area every single night for 2 weeks straight. On the last afternoon of our stakeout, all of us got blessed with some action. Three people broke into the HVAC supply shop on the corner. All of us clearly caught them trying to open the lock. Once they were inside of the HVAC supply shop fully, all of us moved in to keep them from getting away. All of us quickly trapped the perpetrators inside of the HVAC supply shop plus waited a long while for them to show up. When all of us got the culprits to leave the store, all of us very hastily realized that the troublesome vandals were young teenagers. These mini felons under the age of 14 caused a lot of trouble. There was a lot of injuries plus the 3 teenagers were held responsible. Hopefully that is the last time those stupid teenagers will be in trouble with the HVAC business or the law.

a/c worker