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My co-workers plus I went out for dinner yesterday after we finished at the office.

  • All of us went to a small diner around the corner from work where they serve the best corned beef hash, eggs, plus crispy hash browns.

I enjoy to get breakfast for dinner. Sporadically I ordered thick cut bacon plus eggs plus occasionally I will order a 3 egg omelette. This diner really knows how to make a delicious breakfast plus they serve it all day long. All of us went to the diner for food yesterday, plus they were unquestionably busy. All of us had to wait over 35 minutes for our table. While all of us waited, all of us made the ultimate choice to go into a small store next to the diner. This is a fun, family owned specialty shop that sells antiques plus knick-knacks. I wasn’t actually looking for anything in certain. I was trying to kill some wait time while my co-workers plus I waited for our table to be ready outside. I found a really nice oil lamp that reminded myself and others very much of the single in my outdated study room. My parents often used the oil lamp at night. They also had a totally outdated gas furnace that looked the same as the single in my Grandparents’ house. I was surprised to see such a cool old gas furnace in this antique store. I looked at the price tag with caution plus it was almost $300. I asked the clerk why the gas furnace in front of me was so special, plus he provided myself and others a superb reply. He reported that this particular gas furnace was a single of the first prototypes for the electric space heater we use today. It was a cool story plus a neat piece, however I was not born for such luxury; I wasn’t going to spend $700 to take it home.
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