Making My Kids Handle the HVAC Responsibly

Making My Kids Handle the HVAC Responsibly

Nick January 11, 2020

I can almost suppose it when the electric and water bill is on it’s way in the mail carrier’s bag.

That bill just causes me grief everytime I see it while in our summer.

There is a multiple month period where the utility costs are out of control. Actually, the bills have been climbing so steadily that I arranged to have the Heating & A/C contractor come out to see if the kilowatt usage rate was due to a needed repair on the Heating & A/C equipment. The Heating & A/C tech came out to inspect the whole HVAC system. He assured myself and others that high energy costs were not due to any unseen need for repair in the Heating & A/C equipment. In fact, the Heating & A/C component is working optimally. The Heating & A/C tech suggested I spend my energy paying attention to how the Heating & A/C system was being used. I am forever noticing that someone cranks the thermostat settings all over the place. Or, someone will forget to close the window. My response to all this has been even-keeled. However, I have come to the conclusion that I am being totally ignored. So, I asked the Heating & A/C tech to make an appointment to come back to install a smart thermostat. I will be making my kids follow new rules to keep the thermostat set in one place. The manual override code for the smart thermostat will be only for me to know. I’m also getting solar curtains to reduce the direct sun heating. Since none of my kids ever listen while in a family meeting, I sent a text telling everyone that there are new Heating & A/C behaviors our cabin will now be observing. Additionally, I informed them that I will review our household security tapes whenever I find a door or window that has not been closed all the way. The culprit will be charged a fine each time. Dad law imposed.


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