More pink slips from the association of owners

My wife as well as myself pulled into our long driveway after spending the whole weekend away.

We weren’t surprised to see and another long note from the homeowners association.

They didn’t even have enough nerve to put a $0.43 stamp on the letter as well as send it like a regular person. Instead, they had the letter taped to our mail slot. This childish behavior gave a hungry idiot Gentleman Just what they need to display aggression over others. The two of us are having some trouble, just because our furnace, ventilation, as well as air conditioner can be seen from the street. When my son was trimming all of the Shrubbery, he cut about 3 or 4 in to low. This means that the furnace, ventilation, plus air conditioning equipment can be seen from outside. The association for homeowners have now left a total of three notes on our front door. Each time, myself as well as others have been threatened with fines as well as a long legal action. The shrub will grow back in a couple of weeks, but the HOA entirely wants myself as well as others to place a 6ft fence around the heating, ventilation, as well as AC cabinet. I think it is completely ridiculous. It’s understandable that a lot of these rules are here for a good reason, but the two of us have Hedges that will definitely grow back. The two of us sent an email over to the HOA director as well as ask them for two more weeks to let the shrubs grow.

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