Moving South Means No More Oil Furnace

Winters are about to be a thing of the past.

  • I won’t be putting myself through any more snow, sleet, or winter blizzards.

I walked all the snow removal unit over to the kids down the street since they are young in addition to just starting out. I gave them all my winter stuff, so they have all the snow stuff they will need. I sure don’t want snowblowers anymore, so somebody should put it to good use. I also done to being a slave to the oil furnace. This was our Heating & A/C heating method. While oil furnaces are typically effective, the Heating & A/C oil furnace was also quite the money pit every winter. Again, that is out of my life forever now that all of us are selling our house and packing up the car and heading south. Retirement in now here so all of us are moving to the fantastic weather. It is, after all, our last chapter in life. So, why not give up all that winter aggravation? In our new southern home, there will be no need for an oil furnace or a furnace of any sort, really. Our heating in addition to cooling system is now a single Heating & A/C system. Our new southern home comes with a new, state of the art heat pump. Like I said, the winters in our new world are so mild that all of us don’t have to deal with oil furnaces, radiators, and blizzards. This current heat pump also will be heating our outdoor lap pool with the leftover energy from heating the house. I am all for that. Imagine my new life outside under the stars swimming laps in a little lap pool heated by the Heating & A/C system while blizzards rage on the news far far away. It’s the deal I have been looking forward to for thirty years or more.

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