Not Lying Down Over HVAC Issue With HOA

This is what I’m dealing with right now

While I have had a fortunate life, I have also spent plenty of time and energy to improve on my situation. My family has a nice life and we are lucky to live in a great home in a wonderful neighborhood. I certainly don’t take my great fortune for granted. But, I can get real defensive when an entity of any kind attempts to disrupt the life I have fought to establish. This goes double for authority hungry institutions or individuals. Currently, I am in a dispute with just such an organization. Believe it or not, I am actually tangling with our HOA over a very minor HVAC issue. I have lived in 3 planned communities and each one of them has had an over zealous HOA. The thing I have found in all 3 cases is the fact that HOA boards tend to be stocked full of weak people who crave power. This is not as much a judgement as it is just simply the truth. These pitiful people tend to gravitate to organizations that give them some sort of unearned authority. I agree that HOA rules are important. We all want to have our property value protected. That’s perfectly acceptable. But, to threaten a homeowner with egregious fines and harassment is just ridiculous. This is what I’m dealing with right now. The HOA is fining me $250 a day because the HVAC compressor cabinet can be seen from the street. This happened because we tore out a hedge and plan to replace it in the fall. I’m not budging and neither is my HVAC unit.

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