The youngest knows best

Being a grown up is so hard.

I try awfully hard to be sure that our apartment is kept scrubbed all the time but, it can really be a struggle periodically.

Our budget doesn’t allow for any sort of domestic cleaning help so, the two of us do all the cleaning ourselves when we can. It would be so nice to have someone come each week or two just to do particular areas. That would actually take a load off of me and let me relax. I might even come apartment from job and just lay in the amazing Heating and A/C comfort of our apartment to read a book. But, I do the best I can each day to simply make time to scrub the house. My family does join in when possible. It was during a single of these recent cleaning sessions recently that the topic of the Heating and A/C air ducts came up. My youngest daughter looked up at a single of the air vents and asked myself calmly why the two of us didn’t scrub inside there as well. This inquiry hit myself and others care about a ton of bricks because I had no available answer for her at all. I was even-handed in our response when I told her calmly that the two of us have never cleaned the air ducts. They were not readily accessible. However, this stuck with myself and others so I went online afterwards to see if that sort of thing was gave locally, Turns out, a local, licensed business in town does nothing but scrub Heating and A/C air ducts. I signed up on the spot for an appointment. I have to say I was a bit disgusted by the amount of stuff rapidly cleaned out and taken away. However, the apartment feels so much cleaner.

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