We won’t ever stay there again

Both of my sons are upcoming university athletes.

They currently star in several athletic interests, including wrestling plus baseball.

Luckily, both of the athletic interests occur at peculiar times of the year. Unluckily, when the youngsters have wrestling meets out of town, all of us often stay several nights in a hotel. The wrestling meets can last all weekend long plus some of them are 2 or 3 hours away, without traffic. All of the local teams gathering at a single arena. Some of the kids have to drive further than others, however the location swings twice every month to make it work for all of the parents. Last weekend, all of us took both of the youngsters for another huge wrestling meet. All of us decided to stay in a hotel, because it was more than a 2-hour drive to the endpoint. All of us knew that the wrestling meet that weekend would be long. All of us made the reservation online plus did not have a real opportunity to research the hotel unquestionably well. If all of us had properly done research, I might not have made any reservations at this hotel. The staff there was rude plus discourteous. When my partner plus I repeatedly complained about the heater, they scoffed at our request for help. It was no joke either – it was unquestionably chilly outside plus the gas furnace was clearly barely working at all. All of us had the dial turned all the way up to have the heat setting at maximum fan. Still, the hotel room seemed insanely frigid plus cool. I was certain that the problem was the heater, but the staff disagreed. All of us had to contact the corporate office that night before all of us could get anyone to help.


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