Where Does the Wax Go?

Where Does the Wax Go?

Nick January 11, 2020

In my mind, burning candles is a big part of a romantic night in a cozy spot, the right rock n roll a glass of zinfandel in addition to my favorite person on the planet.

This is the most favorite of imaginings when I think about candles.

The other thing candles bring to mind are the holidays. A winter’s night with the living room all aglow as Christmas candles flicker in addition to fill the air with Chrstmas-y smells. And again, this has everything to do with my favorite person on the planet, who happens to be my partner. So, I lucked out there. Man, my partner really brings out the candles while in the holiday season. They start making their first appearance right before Thanksgiving. However, once the turkey bones go in the trash, the candles actually take over. This is my cue to protect the Heating & A/C. Not the sentence you were expecting there right? I know, associating the air filters with candles seems odd. As soon as the candles take over, I go to the sizable box hardware to get myself and others a couple of cases of Heating & A/C air filters. I began doing this because I discovered that all the wax being burnt from the candles makes its way to the air filter. The wax absolutely will coat the Heating & A/C air filter thus hampering the flow of air. I nearly choked out my Heating & A/C the first holiday season we were together. I had never even considered where the paraffin wax went as it burned. Now, I change the air filter a million times from Thanksgiving to January first.

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