Disagreements on HVAC controls

Disagreements on HVAC controls

Nick April 24, 2020

My fiance and I fight about absolutely everything.

Although it’s always been this way, it’s been much worse lately for some reason.

I’m not sure what our problem is, but we are both really stressed out and every day we are getting on each other’s nerves more than usual! These days, we are fighting about our Heating plus A/C method more than anything else, but my fiance is regularly hot and I am regularly cold, however he’s regularly sneaking around and trying to turn the a/c on when I’m not looking and it makes me so mad that I can’t even think about it. I will come home from work some days and the house feels like I’m walking into a freezer. It’s gotten so exhausting that I have had to put an electric section heating system in my room just so I can get warm enough to go to sleep at night. My husband now to avoid the heat has been sleeping on the couch. I hope he enjoys his A/C more than he enjoys sleeping in our bed! We then got into a shouting match when I turned the A/C off and turned on the gas furnace. My fiance got so mad that the gas furnace was on that I thought he was going to punch the wall or something. It was absolutely crazy. I’m so sick of his nonsense that I know I’m going to file papers next week. When the judge asks why we want a divorce I’m going to tell him that we have irreconcilable HVAC differences. I bet that will be a first!

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