The rent here is great, but the HVAC adds up

The rent here is great, but the HVAC adds up

Nick April 24, 2020

When I first found this place I couldn’t believe my luck, because it’s such a great deal and it’s in such an amazing location.

The amenities are ideal and it has everything I could possibly want in a home.

I have plenty of room, a ton of open space to myself, and bright light-filled spaces. I have an awesome backyard and I really enjoyed my front porch swing. Everything about this rental is absolutely ideal and it’s amazing to me that I was able to find it and fit it into my budget. I honestly don’t know how the landlord can get by charging such a low monthly fee for this place. It seems like he could charge a great deal more. But, then he would have to upgrade the HVAC system immediately. You see, as cheap as my renter’s, my monthly energy bills are always through the roof. When I moved in I had no idea what the state of the heating or cooling system would be, and it turns out that it’s rather ancient. The old heating and cooling system does not work efficiently, and creates a lot of uneven hot and cold temperatures in the house. It seems like the furnace and air conditioner have to run endlessly to make any difference in the indoor air quality. As such, every month I cringe when the energy bill comes through. If the landlord would agree to an HVAC upgrade, it would make life so much better for me. I suppose that my rent is offset by the high cost of this outdated HVAC system, but I wish I could save across the board.