Can’t convince my husband to do anything physical

Can’t convince my husband to do anything physical

Nick June 29, 2020

I can’t convince my spouse to join in any type of physical activities.

I was prepared to sign us up for a group fitness class offered at the local gym, but he didn’t want to do it.

I was eager to play tennis on the weekends, but he refused. I found a really awesome hike through the local woods, with some amazing views, but my husband wasn’t interested in it. I can’t get him to even go for a walk in the evenings or a swim on hot afternoons. Since my husband retired from his job, he’s picked up some extra weight. He frequently complains over aching joints and pain in his shoulders and lower back. He thinks that it’s unavoidable due to his age. She and I are the same age, it seems strange that I don’t have any of these concerns. I exercise for at least an hour every single morning. I work hard to increase my heart rate and get sweaty. I exert myself until I’m breathless. I also take care with what I eat. While my husband usually wants a steak and a baked potato coated in butter and sour cream for dinner, I most often choose a salad with either grilled salmon or skinless chicken. He consumes countless cups of coffee throughout the afternoon, while I drink green tea. I often take long bike rides, six-mile runs and take our kayak out on the lake. I’ve tried to tell my husband that he would feel so much better if he’d at least stretch his muscles every afternoon. I know that even a little bit of exercise and stretching would make a huge difference in his energy levels, stamina and long-term health. I think it could slow down the aging process.

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