Easy problem solving

Easy problem solving

Nick June 30, 2020

After having a really drastic allergy attack that nearly put me in the hospital or even worse, I had to figure out what was going on, then it seemed I was having these complications only while trying to sleep! When I was wide awake and not in my home all that often, either being out & about or at work, I was having no such complications.

I thought it would be smart to have my air vents of my central heating & air conditioner cleaned thinking maybe that was playing a space in it, and but nope, that didn’t do the trick, then unsure of what to do I called an air quality expert to do a really difficult sweep of the general air quality in my residence.

He found the root of the problem, which was in fact my central heating & air conditioner. With that being said it had nothing to do with the air vents themselves. It was the fact that my ductwork was filthy & needed to be seriously cleaned! I then called my local heating & air conditioner company to send out a certified heating & cooling repair tech to do a really deep ductwork cleaning of my Heating & Air Conditioning system. It was a little on the overpriced side of this ordeal, but when the ductwork was completely cleaned, I was completely free of the drastic allergy problems I had been having I could not guess the fact that something so drastic had an simple maintenance that I could have taken care of months ago before it got so damn serious. If only I had known that dirty ductwork could cause such complications.



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