Finding a simple solution

Finding a simple solution

Nick June 30, 2020

After dealing with a really severe flu symptom attack that nearly put me in the hospital or worse, I had to figure out what was going on, and it seemed I was having these problems only while doing your best to sleep.

When I was wide awake and not in our apartment too often, either being out and about or at work, I was having no such problems.

I decided to have our air vents of our central heating and a/c method cleaned thinking maybe that was playing a big part in it, then but nope, that didn’t do the trick, but unsure of what to do I called an air quality expert to do a really hard sweep of the general air quality in our home, but he eventually learned the biggest cause of the problem, which was in fact our central heating and A/C. However it had nothing to do with the air vents themselves. It was the fact that our ductwork was filthy and needed to be seriously cleaned! I then called our local heating and a/c corporation to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to do a pretty deep ductwork cleaning of our Heating and Air Conditioning system. It was a little on the extravagant side of things, but when the ductwork was one hundred percent scrubbed, I was completely free of the severe flu symptom attacks I had been having I could not think the fact that something so severe had an easy fix that I could have taken care of weeks ago before it got so bad. If only I had known that dirty ductwork could cause such problems.


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