Giving Pilates a try and loving it

Giving Pilates a try and loving it

Nick June 29, 2020

After hurting my knee last summer, I became determined to improve my flexibility, balance and coordination.

I checked into various types of exercise programs and decided to try a Pilates class at the local gym.

I just love the class, and after a few weeks, I’ve seen a change in both my appearance and my mood. Pilates is very much like yoga in that it includes a series of movements that center around core strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Pursuing the belief that physical and mental health are closely interwoven, Pilates has proven to benefit general fitness and overall quality of life. What I especially like about Pilates is that anyone, of any age or fitness skills can get something out of it. The controlled and progressive movements help to reshape the body and are advantageous for both men and women. It targets careful regulation of breathing and incorporates internal resistance to help tone the muscles. Although I’ve always been rather unsteady on my feet, a few sessions of Pilates made a marked difference. I noticed greater stability and was able to gradually manage the more strenuous moves. This style of exercise also involves the mind. I need to be aware of the way the movements change from one to another and use the body as a whole. I get such a sense of accomplishment and pride when I am able to maintain the plank position and other core exercises for extended periods while keeping better form. I’ve gained definition of muscles and straightened up my posture. My mobility and flexibility is also way better. I’ve increased my range of motion.


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